Once every month or so Lana spends an evening at a party, a Psychic Reading Party, where she spends time reading palms and tarot cards for those in attendance. This is a different theme for a party and there is plenty of time to socialize while the others are receiving their readings.

Although the intent at these events is to provide palm, tarot card and angel card readings, invariably someone will have the opportunity to receive messages from the other side. Anytime there is a group of people gathered together, there is a very good possibility that there will be one or more visitors from the spirit world present as well, someone may end up getting a mediumship reading, though that’s not what these psychic reading parties are about.

Quite often these are ladies only gatherings, though that does not mean men are not allowed. So the next time you are considering a party and you are not sure about the theme for your party, give Lana a call and get ready for an exciting event that those in attendance will not soon forget.

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