As  a medium, spirit connects with me at some of the most unusual times of the day. Anytime at all even when I am sleeping, spirit may decide to connect with me. Recently I was shopping, and spirit not only visited with me in the car, I was also aware of spirit with me in the store, and I had to shop for the dead.

I have a friend and I decided to buy her and her kids all a gift. As I was going home yesterday, her dead mother visited me in my car and told me that other daughter is here too, so please go buy her a gift. So I went back to the store, but when I got there the mother was still with me and she instead I buy her daughters both a blanket. She said they might get cold and that made it easy for me to decide what to get them. I also bought the kids all a Barbie except for the baby. She wanted me to buy everything for the baby, but I told her no, just one gift. So she picked a beautiful pink blanket, I liked the yellow one, but she wanted the pink one, so that’s what I got.

I got in the car and called my friend and she told me that her brother was also there with his kids. The mother never mentioned the son, but I felt bad so I went back in the store and bought another blanket and some more toys. Then this morning I called my friend and told her I was coming over, but she told me her brother had already left. So I left his blanket and toys at home.

When I got in the car with all the gifts and started the car, all of a sudden another friend’s husband who has passed decides to pay me a visit and he said “If I knew you would shop for the dead I would have had you shop for me.” I laughed and said “my shopping is over, besides, what would you want me to buy your wife anyway?” He said she needs diamond earrings. I really laughed at that and said I don’t think so.” So he said but you could get her something for her since she is coming later today. I asked what I could get her, I’m not shopping anymore today? He said “well, you have that one blanket left and she sleeps with my shirt every night, so she really could use something new to sleep with.”

I went back in the house to get the blanket and I took it with me. I drop off all the gifts and the kids were so happy and the women were laughing their asses off. So out of curiosity I asked what was so funny. Do you not like your blankets? They both said no we love them but every year mom always got us a new blanket. We always knew every year at Christmas we were getting a new blanket. Even I laughed at that! Mom just wants her girls to stay warm, LOL.

Next I left and went to my office for my apt and when my client got there I told her your hubby wanted me to go shopping and buy you some diamond earrings. She looked at me and said that’s because he told me on my 25th anniversary I could have new diamond earrings and this year is our 25th anniversary. At that moment I wish I had the money to go buy her diamonds but instead she got a blanket. She seemed happy with that, after all, it’s the thought that counts.

Those on the other side know what’s going on with you all the time. If you ever get an urge to do something or go somewhere then know it’s probably spirit, so listen closely and just do it.