Lana Johnson is a popular Psychic Medium in Dallas who has been communicating with spirit for many years. Lana uses all of her gifts to access information for her clients in the most appropriate way possible. She is able to see, hear, feel and experience the information in whatever way it is presented to her, and that enables her to provide knowledge, insight and guidance to those who contact her for assistance.

When providing a psychic reading Lana it does not matter if Lana is reading your palm or reading your cards, she routinely provides validation, often unimportant facts about you she has no way of knowing, to establish a level of trust with her clients. This way when she gets to the important information and guidance that is new to you, it allows you to trust the reading, making it an extremely beneficial experience.

The same hold true for her Mediumship readings. Lana asks for evidence and validation so that there is no doubt in your mind that she is in fact communicating with your deceased loved ones on the other side. As Lana will tell you, we are all intuitive, we all have psychic abilities. Another fact that she may not tell you is that some people have a special gift, and find it natural to connect with the other side as well as the guides and angels of their clients as well as their own guides and angels.

Get ready to have an insightful encounter with Lana Johnson, a natural at accessing her psychic abililities and providing insight and guidance to assist those who seek her out. Lana is truly a natural when it comes to both Psychic Readings and Mediumship Readings.