While Lana often reads her client’s palms, it’s not uncommon for her to do an impromptu reading at a restaurant, the grocery store or anywhere else where she is guided to provide information for people she meets. She is an extremely gifted Psychic Medium in Dallas who also reads Tarot Cards and Angel Cards, as well as palms, though she does not always need any of this to tell it like it is.

Lana is also a massage therapist who tends to mix things up from time to time during a massage. She may inform her massage clients that they brought deceased loved ones with them, and proceed to pass on messages to her clients that are given to her. It is not uncommon for Lana to read her client’s body like she reads palms, and provide them with information to help them as they move through their life with extra information.

Although it doesn’t happen too often, sometimes her girlfriends treat their new boyfriends to a massage with Lana, and then they can’t wait to call her later to find out if this is really the guy for them, or if there is anything they need to know before they get too involved.

So if you see a cute blonde with curly hair looking at a waiter’s palm at a local restaurant or a grocery store clerk’s palm at a local grocery store, who knows, it might just be Lana. When she does this, it tends to draw a crowd or sometimes people form a line, so who knows if you will even be able to tell what is happening.

Of course you don’t have to wait to run into her, you can call her and schedule an appointment anytime, she will be happy to read your palms or your cards or maybe even both.