While it might be challenging to do a massage with Lana over the phone or on skype, it is not uncommon for her to offer readings in this way. Once she connects with the client, Lana is able to perform her readings with the same level of accuracy as she does when her cleints are present with her.

The fact is that the information is not coming from the client themselves, Lana connects with her own guides and angles as well as the guides and angels of her clients to access the most appropriate information during her reading. Once the connection is established the client could be sitting in the room with her, in the next room, across town or across the world. Time and space cease to exist during readings, and as a result the client can be located anywhere and Lana can even access information from their past if that is appropriate.

Of course Lana does not provide palm readings over the phone or on skype, since that involves both visual and physical contact with her clients. The fact is that Lana really does not need cards or your palm to provide a reading, though these tools of the trade can help her as she provides important information in her readings .

Mediumship readings are also possible over the phone and skype because the location of the client is not important since those on the other side are not part of our physical world. Often Lana will request the first name, last name and birthdate of the departed loved ones a day or so before the session so that she can connect with them during meditation before the reading. She does this on her own without the client on the phone or present in the room.

Obviously those on the other side are not part of the physical expereince during a mediumship reading, so just as with the other readings Lana provides via phone and skype, Mediumship readings can be just as effective and provide the same level of information when they are performed remotely.

So even if you are not in the Dallas area, it does not mean that you cannot have a reading with Lana or that you need to travel to Dallas for a reading. Contact Lana via phone of email to schedule your appointment for a reading on the phone or skype, and prepare to be amazed as Lana provides validation that she is indeed connected to your guides and angels or your departed loved ones in addition to sharing guidance and messages during your remote session.