Readings by Lana Johnson, Psychic Medium from Dallas, Texas. Lana specializes in Mediumship, which involves communicating with those who have crossed over to the other side.

In addtion, she is very talented when it comes to Reading Tarot Cards as well as Reading Palms. Lana is also about to access information about her clients over the phone, with or without Tarot cards, and she really dos not need to read your palm.

By providing validation in terms of what you already know, Lana is able to gain your trust in her ability to access information, which helps you to be able to accept the other information she will provide to you in terms of changes you can make to reshape your future in a more positive way.

Lana works in Dallas and visits New Orleans on a regular basis where she works at a local psychic fair as well as offering one on one mediumship, tarot and palm readings. Her new passion is Trance Healing and she has a special gift in this area, find out more about Trance Healing here

Find out more about Lana here as well as by visiting her other websites such as Massage By Lana, Hypnotic Massage, Hypnosis In Dallas and Lana the Medium.

It does not matter why you come to see Lana, she brings all of her gifts to every session and provides her clients with exactly what they need, regardless of why they contact her. Readings By Lana might happen with a massage client who comes for their session and brings along someone who has crossed over to the other side. If a person requires healing, Lana will work with them even if they came for a reading or a massage.

You may even find Lana at the grocery store or a restaurant reading palms or talking to those on the other side. Just ask her friends and family about that, they see her to this all the time.