Mediumship in DallasLana began to communicate with the other side many years ago when she was doing a massage, not long after she began learning Reiki. Now she offers Mediumship in Dallas, but at this particular time her client’s husband¬†showed up during the massage and began communicating with Lana, providing her with information that she could not possibly have known.

Although she was confused by what she was experiencing, Lana began to tell her client what was coming to her and her client paid attention because of all the details being provided. As she continued passing on the information from the other side, her client became more and more excited that she Lana was connecting with her deceased husband during her massage.

Lana, on the other hand, began to become more and more uncomfortable with the situation, wondering if she should seek out a psychologist or psychiatrist. Her client begged her to continue, but eventually it was too much and Lana just had to leave the room.

This was many years ago, and now that Lana realizes that those on the other side are actually communicating with her, and she is not crazy. Quite often her massage clients will bring someone along with them, and Lana usually passes on their message to her client, even if they do not come for Mediumship in Dallas.

From time to time her office is filled with those from the other side. Recently one of her regular massage clients brought so many people with her that Lana suggested that perhaps she should be charging her by the number of dead people she brings with her to her massage.

While Lana with pass on messages from the other side to her massage clients and those who come to her for a tarot reading, she also sees clients specifically to communicate with the other side as well.

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