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The Vibration of Life

The Vibration of Life Is All Around Us, can you feel it? Take a moment, quiet your mind, body and spirit. Check in with it. Feel The Vibration of Life.

The Vibration of LifeI went to lunch with a friend and her daughter in New Orleans the other day and as we were talking she was complaining about her husband. I was talking about how we have to accept other and find love in our heart for others, etc. Susan, my friend, looked at me and said how do you love someone who can’t communicate with you, example I start talking to my husband and in the middle of our chat he says “Where is the buttermilk”.

I was not sure how to answer that, when all of a sudden spirit started talking through me about my own life, The Vibration of Life and teaching how to raise the vibration of life. Spirit told a story of my life and it went like this.

The Vibration of Life

One day a lady moved in next door. Little did I know this lady would soon be the most hated person on my list. After she moved in I noticed she acted weird, she looked at me funny when I saw her out side. Then I ran into another neighbor who told me that his lady was going around the neighborhood telling everyone I was a witch and I was doing rituals in my bath room at night. Of course you can imagine the look on my face and the words coming to my mind. I could not believe she would lie like that about me and then I started to wonder how would she ever get that idea.

One night I had a client over and as usual my massage table was set up in my rather large bathroom with candles around the tub to create that glow effect. As I was doing her weekly massage I noticed movement outside my bathroom window so I stopped and looked and there was my neighbor looking in the window peeking in through the blinds best she could.

At that moment I understood why she had those thoughts about me. She had seen the candlelight and had been watching me have people on the table as I worked on them, not knowing what I was doing her imagination ran wild. She also didn’t realize that my bathroom was really largest room in the house and I needed that space to put my massage table out as I worked on my clients. My clients knew me well and were OK with the bathroom massage.

The Vibration of LifeThe next day I went to her house and knocked only to explain that my bathroom was the largest room and I was a massage therapist and that’s where I worked with my clients.  I also ask her why she had been looking in my window and then telling our neighbors that I was doing strange things.  The door was slammed in my face at that moment.  A few days latter I was off work and had gotten up to take the kids to school and decided I would just wear my PJ’s drop off the kids and return right home so as I walked out the door there she was with a video camera running in my face, right there on my own porch.  These occurrences were every day and she was really pushing my kindness. Part of me knew she was crazy but part of me was about to lose it and go off on her.

I called my Spiritual teacher and asked about the Karmic debit for murder.  That one question opened the book that taught me one of my greatest lessons. She laughed as I explained what this women was doing, how she was peeking in the windows. And how she was drawing lines in front of my door and not allowing me to go into my own house.  I was at my limit. In her sweet voice she said, OK Lana, the Karmic debit is to deep to pay but I will give you the answer to get rid of her.  I listened closely as I heard these words.

You must sit in your living room facing her house and every day for at least 30 minutes you must meditate and send her Love. Whatever you think Love is. If love is red hearts then you sit with your arms spread out facing her house and image red hearts coming from your hand and going to her house. You can even image red hearts falling all around her body.  You must do this every day for at least 30 minutes each day. Skipping days will only prolong the problem. I could not imagine me sitting there sending this women Love, when I really wanted to take a gun and just shoot her. I felt justified in my feelings, after all she had said awful things about me, turned people against me unjustly, she was invading my personal space and my family’s personal space.

Was This The Vibration of Life?

Vibration of LifeA few days passed and I sat in the living room with my hands spread and started to send love.  My first thoughts were not so nice but as time passed I felt better about sitting there, it became easier to do.  The next day I sat and spread my hands and started sending love and then the next day came and as I sat sending Love once again it seemed easier than before. It continued to get easier day by day.  I noticed my thoughts had changed no longer was it about how I hated her but about how I felt sorry for her.

One day as I sat I started thinking how I liked her and how she got me to sit still and meditate. As days passed and I kept sending this love, I noticed on this day that I really loved her. I could not explain the feelings but I had came to peace with it and I loved her.  I also felt like I needed to explain to her how much love I had for her and how my inner being loved her.  I felt like there was nothing this women could do to take my love for her away.

I jumped up, ran next door and knocked loudly. Her husband came to the door and I asked if I could speak to his wife.  He looked at me rather funny and said, “Look, she took the kids and left several days ago. I have no idea where she went or how to find her, so if you see her tell her to call me.”  He looked ragged out and I could tell he had been drinking.

I went home and called my Spiritual Master and explained how hurt I was, I now loved her and understood that something caused her to be this way and I wanted to help her and love her but she had left and my heart was missing her energy.  My teacher laughed and said Lana water finds its own level she was not ready to accept being loved so she left.  Love is the only answer and when we can put our own feelings aside and openly love someone from the bottom of our heart they will accept it. We change and they change to meet a happy medium or they can’t take the loving energy and they leave. This will put an end to the issue.  In that moment I got it, I really understood that test.

No one knows how long it takes to change us or them but it works. Love changes us all. Light changes darkness, movement changes stillness and when we love with an open heart it changes us.

The answer is to love with a open heart and to change ourselves first before we can expect others to change. Meditate and go within but send out your greatest gift, the gift of love. They will accept it or leave it but either way it will change us and how we look at it all.  Always keep your eye on yourself. Be sure to look within your own self for the issues of life. Looking inward changes you on the outside. If there is someone in your life you can’t take any longer, then take the small amount of time to sit in silence. Look within yourself and find love and send it out and your issues with them soon will find their own level.