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The Past Returns

Lana connects with spirit whenever there is a message she feels compelled to share with someone in the physical world. She may not recall it later, even if the Past Returns. Here is Lana’s story about a call and how she responds when The Past Returns.

Yesterday I received a call from this lady and it started like this.  Hello I don’t know if you will remember me but I met you 11 yrs ago. I was at half price books and you looked at me and said I see the number 23 over your head does that number mean anything to you?

The Past ReturnsIt was January 30 when you said this to me and the number 23 was the day my sister in law died, she left this planet a few days earlier, January 23.  I looked at you and tears started to run and than you told me you saw a women who needed to let me know she was OK.

You said she made it and was good and just wanted everyone to know that and would I please pass that along.  I came to see you a week latter at your office for a Reiki treatment and I felt so much peace so I ask you to come to my house and you did.  The first thing you said as you came in my house was who is Charles? My husband and I just looked at you.  You kept on saying I hear a man saying his name is Charles and my husband told you that his father’s name was Charles and he had passed.  You told my husband thing that you could have not known and scared the shit out of him.

We both had peace from your visit.  I replied “I’m sure this happened but I don’t remember you, sorry about that. How can I help you now?”  The lady said “Well I was wondering if I could come talk to you and bring my new husband he needs a little fear put in him and a little peace added.”  I laughed and said “Yes of course and she made the appointment for Wednesday and hung up.

I thought about it a lot and could not remember this story at all,  however I thought how cool that she could never forget.  I’m looking forward to seeing her again and the opportunity to bring peace to her new husband as well. The Past Returns when we least expect it, even if we do not remember the past. There is time we all need peace and its a blessing to me to be the one who brings peace to others.  We all have this same gift its all about trusting what you get.